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HS & Associates is an accounting firm located in Condell Park NSW, that offers taxation, accounting and financial services to both indivuals and businesses. Since no two clients are alike, our modern approach offers flexible and tailored servicing to achieve the best results.

At HS & Associates,

our advice is based on years of experience working with vast clientele in various industries, some of which include:

Small Businesses

Tradespeople, Builders and Developers

Medical Professionals

Engineering & Manufacturing

International Trade

Corporate Firms

HS & Associates focuses on total wealth management to assist in building a portfolio through tax minimisation and investments. Why not give us a call today and arrange a free consulatation to discuss how HS & Associates can assist you.

About Us

HS & Associates provides reliable and prompt service to all our clients to ensure total success of both business and personal affairs.
Whether your goal is to increase profit or work more efficiently, HS & Associates can work together with you to identify various ways to maximise your invested capital and put you on the right path to sustainable growth and long-term success.


HS & Associates works on a ‘No surprise fixed pricing structure’ based on value, not hours spent. No surprise charges for phone advise, administrative support, fax, email or queries.


At HS & Associates, we strive to ensure all your queries are met within the business day and any problems are addressed within 48 hours. We understand the nature of urgency for business clients and our team is ready to support your operations.

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